Welcome to the Barroso Research Group!

Barroso Research Group

where Structural Bioinformatics, Molecular Biophysics, Physical Chemistry, Medicine, Food and Pharma meet

Biomolecular interactions and data-driven science are our central research topics. We apply innovative technology to understand important molecular mechanisms (e.g. immune response) and to offer a rational approach to the discovery of therapeutic agents, biomarkers and their controlled release. We are currently researching with these aims:

  • Methodological development of computational tools, methods and simulation software for (bio)molecular systems (e.g. FPTS, OPEP6 and PROCEEDpKa)
  • Investigations of generic aspects of ionic strength and proton (pH) effects in the stability, structure and function of biological macromolecules in solution
  • Application of this technology to functionally interesting systems (e.g. viral and  food proteins, antibody development, biomaterials, calcium-binding and protein-RNA interactions).

Research topics

  • Biomolecular interactions (protein-protein, protein-polyelectrolyte, protein-acid
    nucleic and protein-nanoparticle): from physical-chemical aspects to applications
    functionalized in biomaterials, biological systems and pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Computational Virology: characterization of molecular mechanisms  to foster the understanding of infectious diseases (specially flavivirus, norovirus and coronavirus), prediction of epitopes and computational design of antibodies with high specificity.


We are a member of the STAMiNA Global Network.